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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
US only Environmental

Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
... Hunger Site
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Afghanistan To; UK Government
Afghan Womens Rights at Risk... Amnesty
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Africa To: UK Party Leaders
Tackle the real causes of Poverty in Africa...
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Bahrain To: US Secretary of State
Speak out against Human rights violations in Bahrain...
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EU/Israel To: UK Government
Push to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement...
PSC take action

Germany To: Autogrill
Negotiate a Collective Agreement with your Workers...
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India To: Tribal affairs Minister
Ensure a Fair and Free Gram Sabha...
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Mexico To: The President
take action to stop torture in Mexico...
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Nigeria To; Governor of Delta State
Save Moses from execution...
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Philippines To; Citra Mina
Respect the Human Rights of your Workers...
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Philippines To: The Authorities
Restore Land and Livelihood Rights to Families...
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Qatar To: The Prime Minister
Ensure the safe release of Khrisna and Ghimire...
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Syria To: The Authorities
Free missing Syrian Human Rights Lawyer...
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Tibet To: Intercontinental Hotels
Pull out of Lhasa...
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UK only To: Your MP
Stop Child Trafficking...
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UK To: The Authorities
reunite Ashya with his Parents...
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Ukraine To: World Leaders
Call for Peace in Ukraine...
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US To: 7th District Court
Wisconsin Mining Bribe worthy of further Investigation...
rainforest portal
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US To: Texas governor
Stop reckless fearmongering about Immigrants...
Force Change
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US To: Walmart
Release the Tapes...
color of Change take action

Wales To: The Authorities
Bring Claire, who has Autism, back to us in Swansea...
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World Have your Say, What matters most to you
... United nations
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India To: The Prime Minister
Protect Mahan Forest and Global Climate from Coal...
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Macedonia To: The President
The Lynx does not want a Dam...
rainforest rescue take action

Peru To: The Government
Maxima vs the US Mining Conglomerate...
Rainforest Rescue take action

US To: The EPA
Save Monarch Butterflies from Monsanto...
Sierra Rise take action

US To: President Obama
Establish Chicago's first National Park...
NPCA take action

Strengthen the Carbon pollution rule and help stop Climate Change...
FOE take action

List the Northern Long Eared Bat as Endangered Now!...
Rainforest Site take action

Keep Big Oil out of the Arctic...
NRDC take action

US To: The EPA
Stop Strip Mining of the World's biggest Wild Salmon Habitat...
Sierra Club take action

World To; world leaders
Take action on the Climate at UN Summit...
AVAAZ take action

World To: World Leaders
Commit to attending the UN Climate Summit in New York...
Sierra Club take action

EU To: European Commission
Crack down on Cruel foie Gras production...
PETA take action

Japan To: Your Government
Stop Japans plans to bring back Arctic Whaling...
IFAW take action

Russia/China To: The IFAW
Help save the Lemur Leopard from Extinction...
Rainforest Site take action

US To: Seattle City Officials
Send Elephants to a Sanctuary...
PETA take action

US To; North Carolina Governor
Ban Tortuous Bear Baiting Sport...
Force Change take action

US To: Washington Fish & Wildlife
Direct WDFW to rescind the Wolf Kill order...
Defenders of Wildlife take action

US To: Agriculture Secretary
Stop Nicotine Tests on Animals...
Animal rescue Site take action

US To: Dept of Defence
Help end the Military's War on Animals...
PETA take action

US To: Personal care Products Council
Stop cruel Cosmetic Tests on Animals in the US...
PETA take action

World Tackle Ghost fishing Gear
WAP take action

US only To: Congress
Support the Water for the World Act...
Hunger Site
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US only To; Congress
Fix the Voting Rights Act...
Credo Action
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US only To: Congress
Pass the Schedules that Work Act...
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US only To: Congress
Protect workers rights to Organise...
Credo Action
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US only To: President Obama
The Settlements are Illegal. It's past time to say so...
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US only To: Your Senators
Support Net Neutrality...
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US only To: President Obama & John Kerry
reject Enbridge's illegal Tar Sands Pipeline scheme...
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