2 weeks ago

Africa To: UK Development Minister
Don't forget the views of small scale Farmers in Africa... WDM
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Colombia To: Peace Negotiators
Support the Peace Process and Victims Rights...
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El salvador To: OceanaGold
Drop the Lawsuit against El Salvador...
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Iraq/Syria To: President Obama
Don't Bomb Iraq or Syria...
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Israel/Europe To: UEFA
Show Israel the Red card...
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Malaysia To: Sabah Forest Industry
Allow Union Formation...
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Peru/Colombia To: Prosegur
Denounce attacks on Trade Unionists...
Act Now
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Philippines To: Director of Police
save Alfreda from more Torture...
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South Sudan To: president obama
Immediate action needed on South Sudan at the UN...
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Syria To: World Leaders
The Children of Syria can't afford another Year of Fighting...
Hunger Site
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Turkey To: Sutas
Stop your shameful attack on Human Rights...
Act Now
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UK only To: Your MP
Why did the UK side with Vulture Funds at the UN...
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UK only To: Your Local Councillors
Help Children move beyond Care...
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US To: Charisma Magazine
Apologise and stop Publishing Anti-Muslim Hate...
Faithful America
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US To: Peirce County Judge Culpepper
Punish Woman who Drowned Puppies...
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US To: California Governor
Keep Guns away from the Mentally Unstable...
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World To: UK Government
Ensure UK Companies are held to account for their Actions...
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World To: US Ambassador at UN
Turn Promises into Progress....
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Australia To; The Labour Party
Pledge to ban all Dumping in the Reef...
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Canada To: BC Government
Keep Kinder Morgan out of BC Parks...
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India To: TATA Global Beveragres
Demand clean Chai now...
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UK To: Party Leaders
Get rid of Dirty Coal...
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UK To: Prime Minister Cameron
Say NO! to Fracking...
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US To: Fish & Wildlife Service
Monsanto vs Monarchs, Millions of Butterflies disappearing...
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US To: The EPA
Allow a Carbon tax and make Big Polluters pay...
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US To: The EPA
Require full Reporting of all Chemicals used during Fracking...
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US To: The EPA
Protect bristol Bay from dangerous Open Pit Mining...
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US To; Secretary of State Kerry
Oil Pipelines aren't above the Law...
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US To: The EPA
The Oceans not a Dump for Fracking...
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Keep your promise and protect Appalachian Communities from MTR Coal Mining...
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Get dangerous Oil Tankers off the Tracks...
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US To: The EPA
Take action to save Bees...
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US To: The Forest service
One step closer to a San Gabriels National Monument, Thanks...
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World To: Forest Stewardship Council
Congragulations in taking first step in ending greenwashing of Old Growth Forest Logging...
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UK To: PM Cameron & Deputy PM Clegg
Bring down Curtain on Wild Animals in Circuses...
Born Free take action

US To: The NIH
Stop Tormenting Infant Monkeys in your Labs...
PETA take action

US To: Fish and Wildlife Service
Give Mexican Gray Wolves a future...
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US To; Seattle City Authorities
Send remaining Elephants to a Sanctuary...
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US To: Texas Committee on Environmental Quality
Save Sea Turtles in the aftermath of BP Oil Spill...
TIRN take action

US To: Arizona State Fair
Prevent the cruel exploitation of endangered Lemurs...
PETA take action

US only To: Your Grocery Store
I want more humanely produced Chicken...
ASPCA take action

Vietnam To: The Prime Minister
Save the Wild Tigers of Vietnam...
ForceChange take action

US only To: Congress
Engage with the UN to address the threat posed by ISIL...
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US only To: Your Senators
Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act...
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US only To: President Obama
The US cannot lead a Military response to ISIS...
Credo Action
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US only To: The Defence Dept
The Defence dept must stop Arming local Police...
Credo Action
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US only To: Congress & The President
Don't create another Quagmire in Iraq and Syria...
USLAW take action

US only To: President Obama
Reject enbridge's illegal Tar Sands Pipeline scheme...
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US only To: CEO's of Major Companies
Stop Bankrolling Climate Change deniers in Congress...
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