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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
US only Environmental

Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
... Hunger Site
take action

Africa to; African Commissioner on Human Rights
End Child Marriage and support Education for Girls... Force Change take action

Belarus To: The Authorities
Justice for Ihar, Beaten by Police for being Gay...
Amnesty take action

Egypt To; Justice Minister
Stop mass Executions in Egypt...
Amnesty take action

India To: The Authorities
State Officers and Police implicated in bonded Labor...
AHRC take action

Pakistan To; The Authorities
Three people missing after Arrest by Police...
AHRC take action

Pakistan To: The Authorities
Threats to the Lives of a Minor who was Gang Raped and her Father...
AHRC take action

Poland To: Lidl
Solidarity with Workers at Lidl...
ActNow take action

Poland To: Lagadare Services
Stop union Busting at Chopin Airport...
ActNow take action

Swaziland To: Illovo
Negotiate with Sugar Workers Union in good faith... Act Now take action

Syria To: President Obama
Syrian Refugees are in crisis and need support... Breast Cancer site take action

UK To: The Science Museum
Stop hosting Arms Dealers...
CAAT take action

UK only To: Your MP
Help tackle Food Poverty in the UK ... Oxfam take action

UK To: The Government
Help end Domestic slavery... Walk Free take action

UK only To; Your MP
Call for Gao Zhisheng's release from Prison in china...
CSW take action

UK only To: Your MP
Help end the Collective Punishment of Palestinians...
PSC take action

US To: Various Companies
Ditch the Dirty 100...
NOW take action

US To: Archbishop of Boston
Speak out against UnChristian Clinic Harassment... Faithful America take action

US To; President Obama
Don't appoint Ward Armstrong to Federal Court...
daily Kos take action

Arctic To: Lego
Help save the Arctic, Cut your ties with Shell...
Greenpeace take action

Canada To: The BC Authorities
Protect the Great Bear Sea...
david Suzuki Foundation take action

UK To; Lancashire county Council
Stop Fracking in Lancs, Cuadrilla have a new Village in their sights...
FOE take action

US To: President Obama
Protect the San Gabriel Mountains...
Sierra Club take action

US To: Honest Tea CEO
I'm joining the Honest Tea Boycott...
OCA take action

US To: President Obama
Stop trade Deals that threaten the Environment and Livelihoods...
FOE take action

US To: The EPA
Stand up to Big coal and help stop Global warming...
NRDC take action

US To: The EPA
Don't allow the Grand Canyon to become a mining site...
Rainforest Site take action

World To; Coca-Cola
Boycott Coke until it stops funding Anti-GMO Labeling...
Boycott Coke take action

World To; Starbucks CEO
Switch to Organic Milk...
OCA take action

Nepal To: The Government
Stop Inhumane Sacrificial Slaughter...
IWF take action

Spain To: STA Travel
Stop promoting trips to the Pamplona Bull Running Festival...
LACS take action

UK only To; Your MP
Support a national plan for tackling Wildlife Crime in the UK...
WAP take action

UK To: The Planning Inspectorate
Stop plans to breed Beagles for Vivisection...
PETA take action

Protect Captive Bears...
PETA take action

US To; Agriculture Secretary
Stop Slaughterhouses from boiling Poultry alive...
Force Change take action

US To; Louisiana State Governor
Take action to protect Sea Turtles...
STRP take action

US To: The BLM
Comment on Grazing Permit affecting Wild Horses...
AWHPC take action

US To: Mexico City Mayor
Sign Bill to Ban Animals in circuses...
PETA take action

US only To: Big Media Companies
Stop protecting Exxon...
other98% take action

US only To; Congress
Vote against the so called "Simplification" of Medicare...
CAF take action

US only To; Georgia State Legislature
Limit the abusive use of SWAT...
ACLU take action

US only To: President Obama
Close the Lobby Hobby loophole for Women...
DFA take action

US only To: Your Representative
Help stop Violence against Women...
PHR take action

US only To; Congress
Don't let Bosses make our Birth Control decisions for us...
Momsrising take action

US only To: Your Representative
Sign the Rigell-Lee Letter, No War in Iraq...
Codepink take action

US only To: Congress
Protect my right to know, Oppose the Dark Act...
CFS take action

US only To: CNBC
Apologise for Soliciting Global warming is a Hoax Story...
Credo Action take action

US only To: The NPS
Don't lift the Ban on Drones in National Parks...
credo Action take action