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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
US only Environmental

Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
... Hunger Site
take action

CAR To: US Government
Get Peacekeepers on the ground in the CAR...
Amnesty take action

Egypt To; The Government
Drop the Death sentence for 529 Egyptians...
Codepink take action

Egypt To: Grand Mufti Allam
Stop the mass Execution...
AVAAZ take action

Israel To: Pope Francis
Speak out to end Israel's Targetting of Palestinian Children...
USCEIO take action

Israel/Palestine To: Ben & Jerrys
Stop selling Ice Cream in Israels illegal Settlements...
VTJP take action

Nepal To: The Authorities
Lawyer threatened for raising issue of Police Torture...
AHRC take action

Pakistan To: The Authorities
Two nationalist leaders burnt alive...
AHRC take action

Philippines To: the Authorities
Three killed, Four arrested in seperate incidents in Bicol...
AHRC take action

Saudi arabia To; The King
Save Satina Ahmed from execution...
Amnesty take action

Turkey to; The Prime Minister
Stop trying to kill the Internet in Turkey...
access take action

UK To: Dignity Funerals
Face up to Funeral Poverty... CAP take action

UK To: Justice Minister
Grant Legal Aid for inquest into death of Cherry groce... change.org take action

UK To: CEO NHS England
Publicly declare all Lobbying meetings and conflicts of Interest... 38 Degrees take action

UK To: Home Secretary
Stop 6th form Student from being deported... change.org take action

UK To: Party Leaders
Britain needs a pay rise... TUC take action

US To: State & Federal authorities
Police Power out of control... Roots Action take action

US To: Mayor of Illinois
Let Church reopen it's doors to the Homeless... Faithful America take action

US To: The Senate
Demand an investigation into America's secret Government... the Nation take action

US To: The DEA
Don't block Medical Marijuana research...
DPA take action

US To: Google
Anti-Gay hate is Unchristian, quit World Vision...
faithful America take action

World Stand with UNICEF to ensure every child is Vaccinated
Breast Cancer Site take action

EU To: UK Prime Minister Cameron
Stop Climate Change making people Hungry...
Oxfam take action

Indonesia To: Deutsche Bank
Stop Financing Deforestation...
rainforest rescue take action

Indonesia To: Unilever
I know what rainforest looks like...
sumofus take action

New Zealand To; Fonterra
stop destroying New Zealand's rivers and streams with dirty dairy farming...
sumofus take action

UK to: e-bay
Stop selling illegal Bee Killing Pesticides...
38 degrees take action

US To: The BLM
Protect Colorado's land, Air and Water from Oil and Gas Drilling...
earthworks take action

US To: The ePA
Don't let Polluters poison our Water...
NRDC take action

US To: Energy
protect the Crude Oil export ban...
FOE take action

US To: Governor of Oregon
Critical decision on Coal Exports...
PSR take action

US To: The Forest Service
save the Patagonia Mountains...
rainforest Site take action

US To: The FDA
No watered down Federally led voluntary GMO Labelling Laws...
OCA take action

Canada To: The Government
End the Seal Slaughter...
HSI take action

Canada/Norway/Denmark/Uk To: Military officials
Stop the War on Animals...
PETA take action

EU To: The European Commission
Enforce the Law, Protect the Pigs...
CIWF take action

UK only To: Your MP
Ensure the Wild Animals Circus Ban goes ahead...
PETA take action

US Stop Puppy Mills, Pledge to adopt from aShelter or Rescue
Animal Rescue Site take action

US To: Navy secretary
Protect Whales and dolphins from deadly Sonar...
Daily Kos take action

US To: The ePA
Don't let Big Oil threaten the last Florida Panthers...
Sierra Rise take action

World To: Air France
stop shipping Primates to Labs...
PETA take action

US only To; President Obama
Support the USA Freedom Act...
freepress take action

US only To: Congress
Take action to help and Child Trafficking...
Hunger Site take action

US only To: Congress
Support Peace and Justice for all Colombians...
LAWG take action

US only We support the Brief to outlaw Vulture Funds
Jubilee uSA take action

US only To: Congress
demand common sense Nuclear Weapon cost cuts...
NAPF take action

US only To; Congress
It's time to un-authorise the Iraq War... Credo Action take action

US only To: Congress
Stand up for the Human Right to Water...
CAI take action

US only To; Congress
Fully fund US Peacekeeping...
BWC take action

US only To: The EPA
Stop the Toxic Chemicals that have replaced BPA...
Credo Action take action

US only To: Congress
Vote NO! on Preventing National parks Bill...
Wilderness Committee take action

US only To: Congress
Support renewable Energy initiatives and save Wolverine habitat...
Animal Rescue Site take action