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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
US only Environmental

Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
... Hunger Site
take action

Burma To: US Secretary of State
Prioritise Human Rights on your Trip to Burma... PHR take action

Guatemala To; The Attorney general
Bring Murderers of Banana Trade Unionists to Justice...
Make Fruit Fair take action

Israel/Palestine To: Jewish Institutional Leaders
Say NO! to Israel's attack...
JVP take action

Israel/Palestine To: The Israeli Authorities
Stop Union busting of Palestinian Workers...
Act Now take action

Sri Lanka To: The authorities
Man arrested, Tortured and Tried on Fabricated Charges...
AHRC take action

UK To: The Conservative Party
David Ruffly MP must go after being Cautioned for Common Assault...
change.org take action

US To: President Obama
Set the record straight on Torture... HRF take action

US To: President Obama
Don't let Religion dictate Healthcare choices... Breast Cancer Site take action

US To: Southern Baptist Convention
Disavow Operation Save America...
Faithful America Take action

US To: Bill O'Reilly
Apologise for dangerous Rhetoric about Black people... colorofchange take action

World To: Apple
Stop allowing Child Labor in your Factories...
Hunger Site take action

India To: Tribal Affairs Minister
Police crackdown on People's Movements...
Greenpeace take action

US To: Coke
Kiss Monsanto goodbye...
FDN take action

US To: Michagen Governor
Oppose Privatising Water in Detroit...
EA take action

US To; Congress
Don't Fast track this disastrous Trade Agreement...
OCA take action

US To: The EPA
Stop Strip Mining of Worlds biggest Wild Salmon habitat...
Sierra Club take action

US To: The EPA
Protect the Worlds most prolific Salmon Fishery...
Earthworks take action

US To; The EPA
Big Oil must stop Poisoning Communities...
Sierra Club take action

US To: Coca-Cola & Pepsi
Say NO! to Tar Sands...
Sierra Club take action

Hold Industrial Fishing Fleets accountable...
PEW Charit Trust take action

US To: The EPA
Demand full disclosure of Fracking chemicals...
Move On take action

US To: Governor of Florida
Don't destroy a Rainforest to build a Shopping Centre...
Force Change take action

Brazil To: Brazilian Senate
End Cosmetics Cruelty...
HSI take action

Faroe Islands To: The Prime Minister
Stop the Whale Massacre...
rainforest Site take action

US To: george Bush International Airport
Stop the ruthless Poisoning of Birds...
Force Change take action

US To: President Obama
Protect Tigers, keep them out of American Backyards...
WWF take action

US To: Carmike Cinemas CEO
Ban Wild Animals from all your Theatres...
PETA take action

US only To: The Obama Administration
Suspend Deportations now...
Credo action take action

US only To: Congress
Help Children seeking safety in the US...
IRC take action

US only To: State Governors
No Government should Experiment with Human Life...
ACLU take action

US only To: The EPA
I support strongest limits on Carbon Pollution from Power Plants...
MCAF take action