Indigenous and tribal peoples

Botswana    To; UN Secretary General
Give the Botswana Bushmen their Water back... Hunger Site   take action

US    To: President Obama
Endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People... ILRC   take action

release Leonard Peltier... take action

US     to: Congress
COINTELPRO and the Pine Ridge "Reign of Terror"... take action

China     to: the government
protect and respect Uighurs`Rights... AmnestyInternational  take action

the Lubicon need running water...  take action

Appeal for the Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples- for Ratification of the 1989 ILO Convention... unpo  take action

Bangladesh    To: The Prime Minister
Help Jumma people regain control over their Forest, Lands & Destiny... Rettet Den Regenweld   take action

Bangladesh     to: the Prime Minister
Help the indigenous People of the Chittagong Hill tracts...cht-global voices take action

Borneo     to: the government
Join Borneo`s Penan Indigenous Peoples in Standing up to Malaysian Rainforest Destruction...
rainforest  take action

Indonesia    To: The Indonesian Authorities
Halt mining that threatens people and parks... Cultural Survival   take action
Australia     to: PM Rudd
Give Aboriginals a greater say over decisions that affect their future... Survival  letter  mail

US     to: IRS
Tax Amnesty for Crow Creek... Care2 
take action

India    To: Minister of Environment and Forests
Write a letter for the Dongria Kondh... Survival  
take action

Tibet     to: China
overturn your policy of displacing Tibet`nomads... International Tibet Suport Network 
take action

US     to: President Obama
Crow Creek Sioux Land is not for Sale... 
take action

Paraguay    To: the President
Stop destruction of indigenous tribes lands... Survival  
take action

Guatemala    To: The Interior Minister & Attorney General
Demand investigation into the killing of indiginous lawyer... Human Rights First   take action
Philippines    To: President Arroyo & NCIP
Support indigenous communities of Didipio... Cultural Survival   take action 
Kenya    To: commenwealth Secretary General
Support the Samburu people... Cultural Survival  

Opencast coal mining destroys the livelihood of indigenous people in Jharkhand...
take action

Malaysia     to: the government
recognise the Penan`s rights to ownership of their land... survival  take action

take action for the Penan... friends of the Penan  take action
Borneo    To: The Malaysian Government
Join Borneo's Penan Indeginous people in standing up to Malaysian Rainforest Destruction... Rettet den Regenweld   take action

UK only    To: Indian UK Ambassador
Stand with the Kondh... Action Aid   take action

Stop the Destruction of a Sacred Indian Mound... Care2  take action

Botswana    To: The President
Express concern about the Bushmen of the Kalahari... Survival Int  
take action

Demand Justice for the Lubicon Cree... Amnesty 
take action

US    to: the Government
publicy apologize to the American Natives for taking away their culture, their children, their land and their dignity... Care2  take action

Appeal for the Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples...
take action

Protect La Amistad Viosphere Reserve and the Ngoebe Indians of Panama...
take action

Protect Kamchatka Salmon and Indigenous Peoples from Big Oil... Pacific Environment  take action

"The Apology to the Native American Society...
take action

Paraguay     to: the President
The Ayoreo-Totobiegosode suffer greatly from thetheft of their land... Survival  take action

Malaysia    To: The Malaysian Authorities
Protest against violations of the rights of indigenous groups in Sarawak... PCFS   take action

Australia    To: Minister Macklin
We need a National Action Plan to close the gap for indigenous Australians... OXFAM Australia   take action

Australia    To: The Australian Government
Pledge to achieve Health Equality for indigenous Australians within 25 years... OXFAM Australia  
take action

US    to: the Government
publicy apologize to the American Natives for taking away their culture, their children, their land and their dignity... Care2  take action

Ontario   to: the political Leaders
Respect Native Land Rights...
Rainforest  take action

Botswana     to: the President
help the Bushmen of the Kalahari... Survival  take action

Indigenous Rights   to: Ambassadors of Canada, New Zealand and Australia
Support Indigenous Rights... Rainforest 
take action

Kolumbien    an verschiedene Regierungsstellen
indigene Volksgemeinschaft von Bergbau bedroht...
Rettet den Regenwald  take action

EU    an die EU-Aussenminister
Unschuldigen Uiguren in Europa Schutz gewähren... GfbV  take action
Provide refuge for innocent Guantanamo Uighurs... GfbV  take action

Botswana    to: the President
write a letter for the Bushmen... survival 
take action    ministry of foreign Affairs

First Nations Children of Attawapiskat fight fo a school... 
take action

UK  only
call for the Government to act immediately to change the law to allow all retired Gurkhas the right to stay in the UK , without reservation... the Gurkha Justice Campaign 
take action

support efforts to launch a full, non-governmental inquiry into genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools... Hidden from history 
take action

Australia   to: Treasurer Swan
close the 17 year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and other Australians... Oxfam 
take action

Canada   to: the Government
Land and Way of Life under threat - The Lubicon Dree of Canada... Amnesty 
take action

Alaska   to: Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin verletzt Grundrechte der Ureinwohner... gfbv 
take action

Colombia   to: the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, the US Ambassador to Colombia
Additional Action Needed to Stop the Violence Against Indigenous Communities and Striking Workers Facing Repression... Witness for Peace 
take action

Malaysia   an die Regierung von Malaysia
Hilferuf der Penan wegen sexueller Gewalt durch Holzarbeiter.... Rettet den Regenwald 
take action

US   to: the US Government
Release the 17 Uighur detainees held at Guantanamo... AmnestyUS 
take action

US   to: Bureau of Land Management
Stop the destruction of sacred Shoshone lands in Nevada... No Dirty Gold 
take action

Innuits from Greenland ask you to support theit Mining Rights... fairTradeJewelry 
take action

Guatemala   to: President Alvaro Colom
Take action to protect indigenous leaders and communities in Guatemala.... Friends of the Earth  
take action

US   to: Ebay
Stop the selling of Native American Scalps on Ebay...
take action

US:   to: the California Public Utilities Comission
Safeguard the Lands and Waters of the Black Mesa...
take action

US   to: CBS and Sen. Orrin Hatch
Genocide of Native Americans...
take action

First nations missing and murdered women... take action

World   to: World Bank President
Consult Indigenous people on Climate Change... RAN 
take action

Indigenous People:   to: Mr. Jack Anawak, Ambassador for Circumpolar Affairs
Indigenous voices must be heard in the UN-Climate processes... GfbV 
take action

Please help The  Washoe and Our Sacred Nation... the Washoe Tribe  take action

Support Indigenous Rights... RainforestActionNetwork  take action

Remember Native Americans, Sign the Pledge... 
NRC take action

Agrofuel company violently represses communities in Guatemala...
Rettet den Regenwald 
take action

Call for a moratorium on the exploration and mining of uranium in Eastern Ontario... CCAMU 
take action         and take action

Rotinonhsonnion:   Governor General of Canada, George Bush
Thee Illegal Occupationh of our Indigenous Land on Turtle Island North... Mohawk Nation News 
take action

Lubicon Alberta:    to: TransCanada Pipelines
Pipelines runs through the middle od unceded Lubicon territory... Friends of the Lubicon 
take action

The Lubicon need running water... Friends of..  take action

support Lubicon Lake Indian Nation... Friends of..  take action

US:   To: Office of Surface Mining
Stop Coal Mining on Indigenous Land... RAN 
take action

Australia   to: PM Rudd
Protect Aboriginal Human Rights... Get Up 
take action

US:   only US   to your Representative
to Advance Indian Health...  FCNL  take action

US:    To: President Bush
support of Leonard Peltier, Anishinabe/Lakota human rights activist is innocent... Take action      another:  Take action

Save the Peaks Coalition  Take action

Write letters for tribal peoples... Survival 
Take action

Write letters for tribal peoples... Survival  Take action

Botswana:   To: the President
government targets Bushman hunters... Survival 
Take action

Colombia: To: the President
Isolated Indians targeted by rebels andarmy Survival 
Take action

India:   To: Prime Minister India
British mining company threatens sacred mountain... Survival 
Take action

Botswana:   To: the President
government targets Bushman hunters... Survival 
Take action

Colombia: To: the President
Isolated Indians targeted by rebels andarmy Survival 
Take action

India:   To: Prime Minister India
British mining company threatens sacred mountain... Survival 
Take action

Brasil:  To: President Lula da Silva
Morddrohungen gegen indigenen Repräsentanten
Ameaças de morte contra Almir Surui...  gfbv  Take action

Canada:   To: the Premier of Ontario
Injustice- Indigenous leaders jailed so mining oparations can proceed, Free The KI Six and Robert Lovelace...Earthworks  Take action

Canada:   To: Premier of Alberta
New threats to the rights of the Lubicon Cree... Amnesty  Take action

Canada:       to: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
Ontario Shouldn`t Jail Indigenous Leader... Rainforest Network 
Take action

We call on Australian governments to take action to achieve health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within 25 years through... Oxfam  Take action

Help protect Native American Land... OXFAM 
Take action

"I call on the Australian Government to take action to achieve health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within 25 years... GetUp  Take action

Landkonflikte und Unterernährung töten Kinder und Erwachsene des Indigenenstammes der Guarani-Kaiowa... FIAN  Take action

only UK:
Sign the online petition on the Downing Street website and urge the government to end the exploitation of tribal peoples across the world... Survival  Take action

Indigene Völker im Süden Kolumbiens protestieren seit November 2007 mit Landbesetzungen dagegen, dass die Regierung zahlreiche Absprachen nicht eingehalten hat, die natürlichen Ressourcen des Landes rücksichtslos ausbeutet und den Einsatz der indigenen Völker für ihre Grundrechte mit unverhältnismäßiger Gewalt beantwortet... GfbV  Take action 

Ban mining on Sibuyan! protecting and preserving nature as well as indigenous lifestyles in the Philippines.

Die von der philippinischen Regierung geförderten umfangreichen Bergbauprojekte stellen eine erhebliche Bedrohung für Mensch und Natur dar... GfbV 
Take action

Seit dem 27. November ist Bischof Dom Luís Cappio im Hungerstreik: Er will verhindern, dass der Fluss Rio São Francisco, die wichtigste Wasserquelle in der Halbwüste Nordostbrasiliens, umgeleitet wird, um Plantagen von Großgrundbesitzern und Garnelenzuchtbetriebe zu bewässern. Damit wäre die Existenz Tausender Indianer und Afro-Brasilianer gefährdet, deren Felder und Fischgründe durch die Flussumleitung austrocknen würden...  GfbV 
Take action

Señor Presidente:Retten Sie die Indianer in Paraguay... GfbV 
Take action

Protestmail-Aktion wegen massiver Repression in Chiapas. Gruppe B.A.S.T.A. .... 

Enormous and catastrophic effects of massive oil, gas and timber extraction threaten the existence of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in Alberta, Canada. Rainforest action network...  more

Seit 1987 unterstützt AGIM die Lubicon Cree im Norden von Alberta in ihrer Auseinandersetzung mit Rohstoffkkonzernen sowie der Provinz- und kanadischen Bundesregierung um ihr Land. Aktionsgruppe Indianer und Menschenrechte ...  mehr

West Papua
We need you help and Urgent Action to release 32 of my  peoples who are arrest by TNI and Police  in Timika West Papua and this for just peace fully raise the Morning star Flag in front the Church call Santo Pertus in Timika.
Mittlerweile werden immer noch 7 Papua von den indonesischen Behörden in der Polizei Station in Timika festgehalten. Es wird um ihre Sicherheit und um ihr Leben befürchtet...
Free West Papua 
Take action

Survival: Our current letter writing campaigns are:
Penan, Sarawak, Malaysia
Aborigines, Australia
Jarawa, Andaman Islands, India
Awá, Amazon, Brazil
Enawene Nawe, Brazil
Javari Valley, Brazil
Bushmen, Kalahari Desert, Botswana
Guarani, Brazil
Indians in Brazil
Tribes in Papua, Papua, Indonesia
Isolated Indians, Peru
Nukak, Colombia
Ayoreo-Totobiegosode, Paraguay
Jummas, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh
Batak, The Philippines