US    To: President Obama
Ensure no child is born with HIV by 2015... ONE   take action

US    To: Village Voice Media
Stop Child Sex Trafficking on   take action

World    Global Petition on Child Labor and the MDG's
... 2010 MDG Summit   take action

US only    To: Your Representative
Take action against Child Sex Trafficking in the US... A Future not a Past   take action

UK only    To: Your MP
Finish the Job, Take action on Child Health... World Vision   take action

UK only    To: Deputy PM Clegg
Help end the scandel of preventable Child Deaths... STC   take action

World    To: Hilton Hotels
Prevent Child Prostitution in your Hotels...   take action

US only    To: Congress
Make Child Care for Working Families a Priority... NWLC   take action

UK    To: Zara and H &M clothing suppliers
Take action on child slavery in Uzbekistans Cotton industry... Anti-Slavery   take action

UK only     to: your MP
End child poverty...
take action

UK only    To: Prime Minister
End Child immigration detention... e-petitions   take action

UK only medical practitioners      to: the government
Stop the Administrative Detention of Children and Families...
take action

UK only    To: Your local newspaper
Call for end to Child Immigration detention... The Childrens Society   take action 
World     to: Choice Hotels 
Prevent Child Prostitution in Choice Hotels... change org  take action

children     to : Craigslist
make Real Change in Adult Services Section... 
take action

US     US Centerrs for Disease Control and Prevention
Include children in HIV vaccine research... Care2  take action

Help Save 7yo Glasgow girl from Torture of Female Genital Mutilation in Africa... take action

South Africa     to: the Britis Government
support all HIV positive Women and their Children... actsa  take action

US     to: Giumarra
Farm Workers fired for assisting teenage female Employee who was being Sexually Harassed in the Vineyards... ufw  take action

Pakistan    To: The Pakistan Authorities
Police refuse to investigate disappearance of young deaf girl from Army officials home... AHRC   take action 

Forced Labour in the Cocoa Industry... to the four mayor Chocolate Companies  anti-slavery  take action
Uzbekistan     to: the EU Parliament
Forced  Child Labour in Cotton Industry... anti-slavery  take action
India    To: The Indian Authorities
Seven children suffer from starvation and child labour in Orissa... AHRC   take action
US only    To: Dept of Education
Get kids outdoors and learning... Sierra Club   take action

US only    To: Your Representative
Improve child nutrition... NWLC   take action

US only    To: USDA Secretary Vilsack
Protect children from USDA's school lunches...   take action

Uzbekistan    To: Various Companies
End child labor in the Cotton industry... ILRF  
take action

India    To: The Authorities
More children will die of malnutrition in Rewa ,Madhya Pradesh... AHRC  
take action

US only     to: Choice Hotels CEO
Prevent Child Prostitution on Your Watch... 
take action

US only     to: Congress
Stop Child Marriage... Feminist Campus 
take action

Iran     Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei
Stop Child offender Executions... Amnesty 
take action

Uzbekistan  0nly US     to: the Government
Stop Child Labor Now... aft 
take action

Uganda     to: President Obama
stop Joseph Kony, rescue the child soldiers and commit to the recovery of war affected areas... invisible children 
take action

Sign the Health and Education pledge for all... Oxfam international  
take action

US    To: Hilary Clinton
Help end Child Trafficking... Plan USA  
take action 

UK only     to: your MP
End Child Poverty in the UK... UNICEF 
take action

Volksinitiative "Pädophile sollen nicht mehr mit Kindern arbeiten dürfen"... marche blanche 
take action

Tanzania     to: the government
adheres to international standars of child rights and protection... 50%Campaign  take action  

UK only    To: Chancellor Alastair Darling
Don't turn away from child poverty... 38 degrees   take action

US only    To: Your Senators
Stop Child Labour in Uzbekistan   AFT   take action

US only    To: Your Representative
Help stop child sex trafficking...  
take action

US only     to: President Obama
Child Abuse... Crimesceneblog  
take action

US    To: hershey, Mars & Nestle
Stop Child Labor in the Cocoa industry... ILRF   take action

World pneumonia day- Save the Lives of Children & Mothers... take action
I Plegde to fight pneumonia... take action

Fight Poverty by Investing in Children... accion  take action
UK only    To: Your MP
Demand ALL Political Parties commit to saving children, EVERY ONE!... Save The Children   take action

Uzbekistan    To: The Authorities
Stop Child Labor NOW!... AFT   take action

US     to: President Obama
take action for Children`s Rights... irc 
take action

UK only    To: Prime Minister Brown
Stop the Child Killers... World Vision   take action

Peru    To: Minister of Tourism & International Trade
Take action to end the Child Sex Trade... Ethical Traveller  
take action

World    To: Nestle, Danone, Mead Johnson
Campaign for Ethical Baby Milk Marketing... Baby Milk Action  
take action

World    To: United Nations
End Violence in Schools... Plan USA  
take action

US only    To: Your Representatives
Take action to prevent Child Marriage... CARE  
take action

 Cambodia     to: the Government
Campaign Against Cambodian Child Sex Trafficking... Ethical traveler  take action

US only    To: Members of Congress
Ask Congress to improve the lives of Children...   take action

Central Africa only US     to: Your members of Congress
Make Peace a Reality for the Children Affected by the LRA`s War... ResolveUganda  take action

Your Child Is My Child, Let`s Protect his Future Now... JusticeWithout Borders  Take action

Liberia    To: UK Secretary of State DFID
Help drastically reduce child deaths in Liberia... Save the Children   take action

Violence against Children: International call for action... CRIN  take action

US     to: Congress
take action for AIDS-affected children... worldVision  take action

UK only    To: The UK Government
End child poverty in the UK...
end child poverty   take action

Stop Child Sex Tourism, End Child Abuse...
take action

UK  only   to: your MP
Protect breastfeeding in the UK... UNICEF 
take action

UK  only
End child trafficking... UNICEF 
take action

Help save over 9 Million babies from dying unnecessarily this year... Unicef 
take action

UK   to: PM Gordon Brown
9 million children die before their 5th Birthday every year, send your card to the PM... Save the Children 
take action

West Africa   to: CEO Nestle
Stop using Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry... ILRF 
take action

US  only   to: Your Representative

Stop Child Marriage...
Feminist Majority take action

UK   to: PM Gordon Brown
Stop needless Child deaths...
Save the Children take action

Justice for our Children... to the Presidential Candidates 
take action

Liberia:   to: CEO Firestone Tyres
Stop use of Child Labour in Liberia...
ILRF take action

Children    to: the UK Ambassador
Demand the UN takes action to save millions of childrens lives...
Save the children take action

UK:   To: PM Gordon Brown
Prevent Needless Child Deaths...
Save the Children  take action
Google and Yahoo must end and stand up against Child pornography... UNIFEM  take action

Child Sexploitation. Expose it. Fight it. End It...  take action

UK:   To: Gordon Brown
Stop Children dying from Unclean Water... UNICEF 
take action

US:   to: Your Senators
Protect Youth in the Jueninile Justice System... PHR 
take action

US:   to: Representative Rush Holt
to Stop Child Soldiery...
take action

US:   To: MPAA Chairman and CEO...
stop the marketing of violent PG-13 Movies to Preschoolers... 
take action

Children:   to PM Gordon Brown
take action on Child Healthcare... World Vision 
take action

Children:   only travel and tourism company- hotel, travel agency, excursion organizer
Code of conduct for the protection of children from Sexual Exploitation in travel and tourism... we protect children 
take action

against the use of children in wars... RedHandDay  
take action

gegen den Missbrauch von Kindern in Kriegen... RedHandDay 
take action

Children:   to government Australia
Child Sexual abuse awareness raising campaign... Child Wise 
take action

Children:   To: Gordon Brown
Keep the Promise: End Child Poverty 
Take action

Children:   only UK To: Member of Parliament UK
To ask them to speak up for the 10 milion Children who die every year 
Take action

Children:   Gareth Thomas MP
Hold European leaders to account on their promises to children... We save the children 
Take action

STOP THE TRAFFIK, People shouldn`t be bought and sold...  Take action

Child Soldiers:   only US   To: your Representative
Oppose The Use of Child Soldiers... ajc 
Take action

Nestle:  To: Nestle USA
Stop Child Labor in the Chocolate Industry...ILRF 
Take action

Child Poverty: (only UK)   To: the Chancellor, alistair Darling
3 square Meals? Or the heating on?... We save the Children 
Take action

World`s Finest:  (only US)   To: CEO
End Child Slavery in the Cocoa Industry... Global Exchange  Take action

children: (only UK)   To: your MP
to stop needless child deaths... We save the Children  Take action

Child Executions: To: Ban Ki-moon. Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Stop Child Executions... 
Take action

VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN: International Call for action... CRIN  Take action

Democratic Republic of Congo:  To: President Kabila
Former child soldier Kakule Kahemu is held in overcrowded and insanitary conditions. charched under Penal Code which is only appicable to adults... Amnesty canada 
Take action

Light a Candle for the innocent victims of online Child Pornography

US: (only US)
Stop US Military Support to Countries Using Child Soldiers… Oxfam Take action


Campaign Against Cambodian Child Sex Trafficking… ethical traveller  Take action

Stop the use of Child Soldiers... Worldvision  Take action