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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
US only Environmental

Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
Hunger Site
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Cameroon To: Herakles Farms
Stop Lawsuit against Cameroonian Activist... change.org
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CAR To; US Congress
Stop Ethnic cleansing in the Central african republic...
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Egypt To: US State Dept
Protect US Citizens and end US Aid to Egypt...
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EU To: European Leaders
Stop negotiating the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership ...
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India To: trailblazers
Don't let Dow bury Bhopal...
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Israel To: Military Prosecutor
Free the Hares boys...
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Ivory Coast/ Ghana To; Mondelez
End Child Trafficking in your Chocolate...
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Morocco To: Total Call
Stop union busting...
Act Now
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Nepal To; The Authorities
Police Officer gives open challenge to Investigate and Prosecute...
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Pakistan To: The Authorities
124 Children die of Hunger...
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South Africa To; Gold Mining Companies
Take action in the fight against TB and Mining...
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Sri Lanka To: The Authorities
Man arrested, illegally detained and Brutally Tortured...
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Syria To: US Congress
Stand up for Syrian Civilians...
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Syria To: World Leaders
Stop the deliberate Starvation of Civilians in Syria...
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UK only To; Your MP
Tell barclays to stop promoting Tax Havens in Africa...
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No more silence on TPP...
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US To: The Senate Intelligence Committee
declassify the Torture report...
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US To: VF Corporation
Don't play games with Bangladeshi workers lives...
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World To: facebook, Yahoo, Google, Netflix, Amazon
Save the Internet...
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World To: World Leaders
Protect Global Internet freedom...
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Australia To: SA Premier & Opposition Leader
Make SA marine Sanctuaries a Winner...
wilderness Society take action

China To: Apple
Protect Workers from dangerous Chemicals...
Green america take action

DRC To: London Stock Exchange
demand end to Oil exploration in Virunga National Park...
Rainforest Portal take action

UK To: The Bees Minister
A plan to save our Bees...
FOE take action

US To: Congress
We deserve to know if GMO's are in our Food...
CAI take action

US To: President Obama
Protect Utah's Greater Canyonlands...
NRDC take action

US To: Pepsico
Stop polluting Water, say NO! to fuel from Tar Sands...
Sierra Club take action

US To: The NRC
Fix Nuclear reactor safety standards now!...
FOE take action

US To: President obama
Thanks for protecting the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands...
Wilderness Society take action

US To: Dept of Energy
Stop Nuclear Waste leak at Hanford Nuclear reservation...
Forcechange take action

US To: Maryland Governor O'Malley
The next keystone XL...
Earthjustice take action

Antarctica To: The USFWS
Please protect Emperor Penguins as Endangered...
CFBD take action

Australia To: Bindi & terri irwinn
Please do the right thing and stop working with Seaworld...
PETA take action

Thailand To: minister of Natural resources
Stop the Poisoning of Thailands Tigers...
Forcechange take action

US To: State of California
Outlaw keeping Orcas in captivity...
SumofUs take action

US To: The BLM
Save the West's dancing Bird...
CFBD take action

US only To: Interior Secretary Jewel
Protect the Grey Wolf...
Sierra Club take action

US only To: Congress
Put the brakes on Chicken Processing speed Rule...
ASPCA take action

World Support Cruelty free Cosmetics
Animal rescue Site take action

US only To; Congress
Speak out for Justice in Guatemala...
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US only To: Congress
Support the Water for the World Act...
Rainforest Site
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US only To: President Obama
Ban anti gay discrimination by Federal contractors...
Credo Action
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US only To: University Wisconsin
Don't let Bangladeshi Garment Workers die making Badger Apparel...
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US only To: Congress
Co-Sponsor the Fair Employment Protection Act...
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US only To: The Senate
Don't let a SOPA lobbyist negotiate our Trade Deals...
Credo Action
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US only To: The IRS
Stop the Jewish national fund from receiving Tax Exemption status...
Stop the JNF
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US only To: Your Senators
Co-sponsor single Payer healthcare...
Roots Action
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US only To: Sen McConnell
End GE's Tax Loophole... Credo Action
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US only To: Congress
Eliminate the Pentagons Slush Fund... MoveOn
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US only To: FDA
Put public health before Factory Farm profits...
Credo Action take action

US only To: Your Representative
Oppose the Chemicals in Commerce Act...
PSR take action