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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
US only Environmental

Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
Hunger Site
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China To: Twitter
Stop the China Spam... Free Tibet
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China To: Samsung
Put an end to Worker Abuse...
Green America
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Egypt To: Minister of Justice
Release Journalists and protect freedom of Expression...
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Gaza To; The UK Government
Stop the Arms. Stop the Killing...
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India To: The Authorities
Human Rights Organisation harassed by local Politician...
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Iran To: Head of Judiciary
Set the Prisoners free...
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Israel To: UK Foreign secretary
Stop Arming Israel...
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Israel/Palestine To: President Obama
Palestinian Lives matter...
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Israel/Palestine To: Political Leaders
Gaza: Ceasefire Now...
Act Now
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Israel To: World Governments
Stop Arming Israel...
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Pakistan To: The Authorities
Minor's Arms chopped off by Landlord...
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UK To: Home Secretary May
End the unlawful freeze on Asylum Support Rates...
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UK only To: Your MP
Stop Israel's attack on Gaza...
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US To: Staten Island D A
Justice for Eric Garner...
color of change
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US To: The FCC
Say NO! to the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger...
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US To: Congress
Protect Central American Children...
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US To: Major Tobacco Companies
Protect Farmworkers organising on your Contract Farms...
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US To: President Obama
Protect access to Birth Control to employees of Federal Contractors...
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US To:Walgreens
Pledge to hold Walgreens accountable...
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US To: The FCC
Lets talk about Net Neutrality...
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World To: Vodafone
Keep our Data safe...
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Canada To: Island Timberlands CEO
Save old growth Forests near Port Alberni...
Wilderness Committee take action

UK To: Prime Minister Cameron
Say NO! to Fracking...
FOE take action

US To: Starbucks
Serve Organic Milk from Cows not fed GMO's...
GMO inside take action

US To: President Obama
Don't let USDA undermine the integrity of Organic Food...
we the people take action

Say NO! to risky Arctic Drilling...
Ocean Conservancy take action

Whats in the Dangerous Poultry "Modernisation" Act...
OCA take action

US To: Forest service
Protect Winter Wildlands...
Wilderness Society take action

Stop the Twin Tunnels Bay Delta project...
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World To; World Bank
Solar is the key to ending Energy Poverty...
Sierra Club take action

World To: World leaders
Declare a global Sanctuary in the Arctic...
Greenpeace take action

Argentina To: The President
Please allow Polar Bear to go to a Zoo in Canada...
change,org take action

China To: Avon, Mary Kay, Estee Lauder & revlon
Stop paying for Tests on Animals...
PETA take action

EU To: UK Trade Minister
Stop the transfer of Whale Products through EU Ports...
WDC take action

Greece To; Minister for Rural Development
Take action for Battery hens...
CIWF take action

US To: Montana Governor
Stop the needless Slaughter of Yellowstone Bison...
rainforest Site take action

US To: Various Restaurents
Stop serving Shark Fins...
Environment Action take action

US To: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
Close Bear Hunting this Fall to save Kenai Brown Bears...
CFBD take action

US To: The BLM
Stop the Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout...
AWHPC take action

US To: Princeton University
Send Marmosets to a Sanctuary...
PETA take action

US To: President Obama
Stop the Navy's Assault on Whales...
NRDC take action

US To: Wyoming Governor
Stop the Extermination of Wolves in Wyoming...
Animal Rescue Site take action

US only To: BLM
Don't send 100 US Burros to Guatemala...
AWHPC take action

World Support Cruelty free Cosmetics
Animal rescue Site
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US only To: The NFL
Take violence against Women seriously...
Credo Action
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US only To; Your Representative
Vote NO! to the Tax credit Improvement act...
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US only To; Congress
Stand up for Intelligence Community Whistleblowers...
Public Citizen
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US only To: Congress
Extreme Sentencing Laws are not smart...
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US only To; Congress
Support Critical Affordable Housing... Habitat
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US only To: Congress
Pledge to Vote against Gun Violence in 2014... AFRS
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US only To: Congress
Don't sabotage Diplomacy with Iran... Credo Action
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US only To: CCHD
Catholic Group withdraws funding over LGBT Equality... Groundswell
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US only To: President Obama
Young, Scared, Alone and in court...
ACLU take action

US only To: The Senate
Kill the Monument Bill...
Credo action take action