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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
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Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
Hunger Site
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Africa To: Barclays CEO
Its time for Barclays to clean up its act on Tax Havens... Action Aid
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EU To: European Commission
Reject priviliged Rights for Private Investors...
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Germany To: Autogrill
Improve working conditions and pay for your employees... ActNow
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Iran To: The Authorities
Save the life of this Child Bride... Amnesty
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Iraq To: President Obama
Don't attack Iraq, Again!... USLAW
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Maldives To: Sheraton Maldives
No place for Human Rights at Sheraton Maldives private Island resort... Act Now
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Nepal To: The Authorities
Police Torture Family... AHRC
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Nigeria To: The UN
Make Boko Harem a Security Priority... Literacy Site
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Pakistan To: The Authorities
Editors life under serious Threat... AHRC
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Peru/Argentina To: LATAM
Play fair with your Workers...
ActNow take action

Philippines To: The Authorities
Rape victim worries Perpetrator could undermine her case...
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South Africa To: The President
Stop inhumane Female Genital cutting...
Force Change
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Sri Lanka To: The Authorities
Innocent man shot Dead by Police... AHRC
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Thailand To: walmart
Stop using Slave Labour... Force Change
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UK To: The Government
Help end Forced Labour...
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US To: President Obama
Don't Bomb Iraq...
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Brazil To: The Environment Minister
The World Cup Mascot Armadillo needs our help...
Rainforest Rescue take action

Canada To: PM Harper
Stop reckless Tar Sands Pipelines once and for all...
Wilderness Committee take action

UK To: Political Party leaders
Prioritise Climate Change Policies...
Christian Aid take action

US To: The Forest service
Stop Old Growth Logging in the Tongass Rainforest...
NRDC take action

US To: Kraft
Stop the Pouch, respect the Planet...
Green America take action

US To: The EPA
Don't let our Forests go up in smoke...
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US To: US Chamber of Commerce
Stop the false attacks on the EPA...
SOE take action

Cambodia To: MegaFirst
Save the Mekong Rivers Irrawaddy Dolphins...
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Japan To; The Prime Minister
End illegal Antarctic Whaling today...
Sierra Rise take action

Withdraw your delisting proposal for Grey Wolves...
Animal rescue Site
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US To: Palace Entertainment
Return Lolita to her natural Habitat...
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US To: Agriculture Secretary
Curtail Wildlife Services Lethal program...
Wildearth Guardians take action

Bats need protection, Not Politics...
CFBD take action

US To: The EPA
Protect Florida Panthers from the Oil Industry...
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US To: Interior Secretary & USFWS
Wolves need their Families to survive...
WildEarth Guardians
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US To: petSmart & PETCO
Stop selling Animals now...
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World To: Facebook
Ban promotion of Animal Cruelty on Facebook...
Force Change
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US only To: The Senate
Overturn Citizens United. Save Democracy...
The other98
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US only To: Congress
The Humanitarian crisis at the Border is actually a Foreign Policy crisis...
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US only To: President Obama
Support paid Family and Medical leave...
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US only To: Rick Perry
Being Gay isn't a choice or a Disease...
Credo Action
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US only To: Your Representative
Tell California Representatives to stop playing Politics with the Drought...
CLCV take action

US only To: Your Governor
Demand the right to know about dangerous Oil Train threats...
Sierra Club
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US only To: Congress
Suspend Bee Toxic Pesticides...
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