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Human Rights
Animal Rights
US only Human
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Fight Famine in Africa with a Free Click
Hunger Site
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China To: The President
25 years after Tiananmen Square implement China's Constitution... RWB
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Egypt To: The Authorities
Release the Al Jazeera 3... Amnesty
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Indonesia To: The Authorities
The Trial of Torture Victim continues... AHRC
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Israel/Palestine To; The Israeli Authorities
Demand an end to Administrative Detention... GI
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Israel/Palestine To: Presbytarians
Thank you for Divesting... JStreet
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Kenya To: The President
Rescue twelve Kidnapped women... Force Change
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Mexico To: The Senate
Stop Net Discrimination in Mexico... access
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Mexico To: The Authorities
Justice for Claudia, Tortured by Marines... Amnesty
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Pakistan To: The Authorities
Enforced disappearance of Activist after arrest by Rangers... AHRC
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Philippines To; Citra Mina
Respect the Human Rights of your Wortkers... ActNow
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Qatar To: FIFA
How many Workers will die for Qatars World Cup... Watchdog
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Sri Lanka To: The Authorities
Victim of Assault denied Justice... AHRC
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Swaziland To: Major Sugar Companies
Striking Sugar Workers need your support... Act Now
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Thailand To; Walmart, Costco & Carrefour
Remove Slavery from your Supply Chain... SumofUs
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Tibet To: The Chinese Government
Release Khenpo Kartse... SFFT
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Tibet To; Foreign Ministers
medical parole for Tenzin Depek Rinpoche... SFFT
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UK To: John Lewis
Pay the Living Wage to Cleaners working at your Shops and Offices... change.org
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US To: T-Mobile
respect workers Rights... USAction
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US To: Congress
Address the Border crisis by properly Funding Immigration Courts... HRF
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US To: Senator Leahy
Stop sending US Aid to Egypt...
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US To: Bishop Johnson
Don't take action to defrock Frank Schaefer again... faithful america
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US To: FCC Chairman
Hold Public meetings on net Neutrality... daily Kos
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US To: President Obama
Don't Kill the Refugee Programs... USCRI
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US To: Pastor Jody Hice
Apologise for attacking Muslims... Faithful America
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US To: The Senate
Pass the Disclose Act... USAction
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US To: Louisiana Governor
Don't let HIV Patients die over Ideology... Force Change
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World To: Clothes Manufacturers
Pay garment workers a Living Wage... CCC
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World To: Adidas
Go all in for a Living Wage...
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Australia To: WA Government
Protect roebuck Bay...
AMCS take action

Australia To: PM Abbott
Ban Super Trawlers from Australian Waters... STTA
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Canada To; BC Environment Minister
No Logging Road in Sasquatch provincial Park...
Wilderness Committee take action

Canada To: PM Harper & Environment Minister
Protect Canada's Bees and Pollinators...
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UK To: Lancashire County Council
Stop Cuadrilla Fracking in Lancashire...
FOE take action

US To: Murray Energy
Stop your attacks on the Climate...
MoveOn take action

US To: President Obama
Stand up for Bees...
FOE take action

US To; The Interior Dept
Don't Green Light more coal mining...
wildEarth Guardians take action

US To: Lowes
Stop selling Bee Killing Plants and Pesticides...
SOE take action

China To: Bejing city Authorities
Stop your brutal and inhumane Animal Control Tactics...
Animal Rescue Site take action

UK To: Health Secretary
Save our Antibiotics...
38 degrees take action

US To: Agriculture Secretary
Increase Slaughter Inspections...
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US To: Congressman Campbell
Don't let Compound 1080 harm your Pet...
Animal rescue Site
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US To: Baltimore Police Commissioner
Jail Officers who Slit Pet Dogs Throat...
Force Change
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US only To: Your Representative
Prevent US Bombing in iraq...
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US only To: Your Representative
Stop the Wall Street wish List...
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US only To: The FDA
Include GMO content on Food Nutrition Labels...
credo action
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US only To; The Senate
Stand strong for Clean Water...
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