Human rights defenders

Philippines    To: The Authorities
Two Human Rights Defenders threatened to be Killed... AHRC   take action

Colombia only US     to: US Government
Columbian Activist again Imperiled by Baseless Charges... human rights first  take action

Pakistan    To: The Pakistan Authorities
Human Rights Defender faces death threats for facilitating Love Marriage... AHRC   take action

Singapore     to: Wen Jiabao
One-week imprisonment of human rights defender MS Chee Siok Chin... FrontLine  take action   

Iran     to: President Ahmadinejad
Arrest and detention of prominent human rights defender Mr Emadeddin Baghi... FrontLine  take action    

Israel    To: president Obama
Demand that Israel release Abdallah Abu Ramah... JVP   take action  

Israel     to: President Obama
demand that Israel free Bil`in nonviolent leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah...jvp 
take action

Israel     High Representative of the European Union
Demand that the EU apply pressure on Israel officials to release human right activist Wa`elAl-Faqeeh... popular Struggle 
take action

Israel     to: the American Consul General in Jerusalem
send an official inquiry to the Israeli government about human rights activist Wa`elAl-Faqeeh... Poppular Struggle 
take action
Azerbaijan    To: Minister of Justice
Protect bloggers in Azerbaijan... Amnesty UK   take action

Colombia     to: the government
Demand End to Harassment of Colombian Human Rights Lawyer... human rights first 
take action

Guatemala    To: The Guatemalan Authorities
Demand investigation into killing of indigenous lawyer... Human Rights First  
take action

Burma     fax to: the authorities
A human rights defenderr jailed for helping farmers over land disputes with officials... ahrc 
take action

Thailand     to: the Thai authorities
State Railway Corporation sacks union leaders for protesting unsafe working conditions... solidarity  take action

Indonesia    To: The President
Demand end to politically motivated charges against anti-corruption activists... Human Rights First   take action

Iraq     to: the gov.
Iraqi military attacks peaceful worker demonstation- death threat to union leader... uslaw  take action

Iran     to: the Iranian government
release Dr. Tajbakhsh ... Free Kian 09  take action

Kazakhstan     to: the General Prosecutor
Prominent workers`rights activist attacked... LabourStart  take action

Human rights Defenders under Threat... colombiadenfenders  take action

Israel     to: President Obama
Free Mohammad Now - speak up for Palestinian rights... jvp  take action

India    To: The Authorities
Village Head Assults Human Rights Defender and Villagers in Corruption Cover Up... AHRC   take action

India     to: the government
ensure the safety of detained human rights activist Mr. Jiten... ahrc  take action

Free human right defender Mohammad Othman Now... war on want 
take action   and
take action    and    take action

Russia    To: Russian Authorities
Condemn Murder of Russian Human Rights Defender... Amnesty US  
take action

Russia    To: President Medvedev
Investigate Killing of Russian Human Rights Defender... Human Rights First  
take action

Russia    To: President Medvedev
Human Rights Activist Natalie Estemirova Abducted and Murdered... The Hub  
take action 

Mexico     an die Regierung
MenschenrechtsverteidigerInnen werden bedroht... Chiapas98  take action

Colombia    To: Colombian Authorities
Stop attacks on Human Rights defenders... Human Rights First   take action

Colombia     To: US Ambassador for Colombia
Justice and protection for Human Rights victims... Witness for Peace  
take action

Colombia    Support Martha and her family as they stand up for Human Rights
...Witness for Peace  
take action

Sri Lanka    To: the Sri Lankan Authorities
Protest the arrest of Human Rights Activist... AHRC   take action

Zimbabwe  US only    To: President Obama
Protest arrest of Human Rights Defenders... Africa Action   take action

Japan    To: The Japanese Ambassador UK
Justice for the Tokyo Two... Greenpeace  
take actionBrazil    To: Judge Nunes
Free the MAB 18...
International Rivers   take action

Guatemala    to: Attorney General, Interior Minister
Demand Investigation into Kidnapping of Gladys Monterroso, wife of the Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsman... human rights first 
take action

DR Kongo   an den Präsidenten
Schutz für Menschenrechtsverteidiger in Nord-Kivu... Amnesty 
take action

Guatemala    to: Guatemalan Authorities 
Investigate the Kidnapping and Torture of Guatemalan Lawyer Gladys monterroso... GHRC 
take action

Syrien   an den Präsidenten der Arabischen Republik Syrien
Kurdischem Menschenrechtler droht lebenslange Haft... GfbV 
take action

Afghanistan   to: President Karzai
pardon Parwez Kambakhsh, who has been sentenced to 20 year in prison for distributing an internet article about women`s rights under Islam... Feminist Majority Foundation 
take action

Cuba   to: the President
Join the Ladies in White in Calling for Human Rights in Cuba... human rights first 
take action

Pakistan   to: the Pakistani authorities
Help Ensure Justice for Mukhtar Mai... human rights first 
take action

Colombia    To: The Colombian Attorney General
Demand the release of detained Colombian Activists on baseless charges... Human Rights First   take action

Indonesia   To: The Indonesian Authorities
Protest Human Rights Activist on charges of subversion... AHRC   take action

DRC    To: President Kabila
Protect Justine Bihamba Misaka and allow her to carry out her Womens Rights work... Amnesty Int   take action 

Colombia    to: the Attorney General
Demand Release of Detained Colombian Activists, victims of Baseless Prosecutions... human rights first  take action

Philippines    to: the Government
Human rights and political activists exonerated from murder cases face another questionable charge...AHRC  take action

Philippines    To; The Philippine Government
Protest Human Rights & political activists facing another questionable charge... AHRC   take action

Iran    to: Ayatollah Khamenei , President Ahmadinejad
Support Imprisoned Women`s Rights Activists, Alieh Eghdam Doust... campaign for equality  take action

Iran     to: Ayatollah Khamenei , President Ahmadinejad...
Call for immediate release of women`s rights activist Alie Eghadam Doust... Women living under muslim laws 
take action

Zimbabwe    To: Chairman JOMIC
Help imprisoned Zimbabwean Activists... PHR   take action

Indonesia    To: adidas Director of Social and Environmental Affairs
Don't discriminate against unfairly dismissed Union Leaders... CCC   take action

Thailand    To: The Thai Prime Minister and Army Commanders
Thai Army must end the harassment of Human Rights Defenders... human rights first  
take action

Thailand    To: The Thai Authorities
Protest threats to Human Rights Defenders in South Thailand... AHRC  
take action

Zimbabwe only US    to: President Obama
demand Jestina`s release... AfricaAction   take action

Russia   to: the President
demand that Killers of Human Rights Defenders in Russia be Brought th Justice... Human rights first  take action